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Your Job Search is Unique

If you've been at the job search for any period of time, you're aware that there's an overwhelming array of resources available.  Job search books, websites, advice columns and blogs are plentiful - and many of these are quite good.

The problem with many of these resources, however - regardless of their caliber and quality - is they tend to dispense advice as if everyone's job search is the same - or at least very similar.   They are not.

The most important action you should take to improve your success in landing a new job can be dramatically different from another's.  

For example, you might benefit most by improving your interviewing skills, while another will benefit more by generating additional job leads.   It depends entirely on your job search skills in various areas, your unique fit in the job market, and your approach to the search.  Ironically, the best advice for someone else, could be terrible advice for you.

The Job Search Diagnostic™ System - a new approach

The Job Search Diagnostic™ addresses this problem.  It's the first-of-its kind "expert system" that identifies specifically what is required for each professional in a job search to succeed - based on their own unique situation and objectives. And it's FREE.

Beginning with a series of confidential, in depth questions to help understand the unique characteristics of who you are and what your search is about, the Diagnostic will evaluate for you what is working well, what is not, and most importantly, what and how you should change to be more successful - just as a  very seasoned job search coach would do. It incorporates our combined 40+ years of experience helping over 4,000 professionals navigate the challenges of job search - and land new jobs.

A Unique and Comprehensive Framework

The Diagnostic is organized around the 3 Principles & 22 Factors™ we have identified that determine success or failure in the job search process. This 3 Principle & 22 Factor framework - along with the algorithms and methodologies used in the Diagnostic - reflects a distillation of our experience and knowledge of what worksand what does not.   Why some individuals are successful – and others struggle.    Learn more about the 3 Principles & 22 Factors


Here's how the Job Search Diagnostic™ System works:


First, complete the confidential, FREE online Job Search Diagnostic™ assessment. This consists of 100 questions about you and your search - and you should plan on 20 minutes to complete it.


Next, review your FREE personalized 9 page Diagnostic report. It evaluates your effectiveness across the 3 Principles & 22 Factors™ and offers recommendations about how to prioritize your efforts.


Finally, using the extensive content in the available online companion guide,Search Smart™, develop an Action Plan that you can begin to use immediately so you can speed your progress.


Take the diagnostic




We want to help you succeed

We are eager to share with you what we have learned over our 40+ years, and are confident this resource will help you take control of your search and land faster.  We understand how challenging job search can be – especially if you are dealing with the additional challenges of unemployment. But we also know success can be achieved with the right knowledge, approach, resources, and personal commitment.

Here's to your success!

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