How the Job Search Diagnostic™ Can Help in Your Search


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We've been gratified by the feedback we've received from professionals who have used the Job Search Diagnostic™ System.

We believe this resource can help you in a number of ways, particularly if you are in transition and don't have the benefit of working one-on-one with a professional job search coach.

Benefits of using the Diagnostic in your search:

  • Identifies what you are doing well - and where you need to improve.
  • Helps you understand what's involved in a successful search.
  • Provides a disciplined, analytical approach not found in other resources.
  • Offers specific recommendations on how to prioritize efforts.
  • Addresses important areas often overlooked: Market Realities and Inner Game.
  • Identifies potential need to sharpen your search focus, potentially to include a Plan B.
  • Helps improve your mental and emotional job search fitness. 
  • Makes your time spent  working with a job search coach or career counselor more productive and efficient.

The Diagnostic will help you focus on what matters - so you can land your next job faster. And it's FREE.