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  • "You have developed a comprehensive, personalized job search system. It's much more than an assessment; it's a blueprint for how to conduct a job search. It replaces the coach!" Executive, Global Career Management firm.
  • "I found Search Smart to be both exhaustive and exhilarating - it's loaded with so much insightful content!  It's brilliant - and a page turner!"  CFO, Energy Services Company
  •  "Extremely helpful.  Very comprehensive.  Provides a holistic view not just about what is required to conduct an effective search but also about dealing with unemployment."  Marketing Director, Financial Services 
  •  "Very helpful.  I knew even as I was answering the questions that this was an excellent tool."  Sales Professional, Professional Services
  •  "The most in depth Job Search aide I've seen.  The insights from the Diagnostic are invaluable.”   Sales Executive, Technology 
  •  "It was extremely helpful just to go through the questions.  I could tell I was dealing with experts.”  Marketing Professional, Professional Services
  •  "The Diagnostic focused me objectively and specifically on how to make progress in my search.”   Consultant, Consumer Marketing 
  •  "Even the questions in the Diagnostic provided insight and information.  The Report gave me a comprehensive analysis of my situation with solutions to get me started in a logical and organized manner.”   Human Resources Professional, Fortune 100 Manufacturing Company
  •  "This is great!  It's well-organized and was extremely helpful in pinpointing what I should focus on."   CMO, Financial Services
  •  "Very helpful if one is conducting a job search, especially if unemployed.”  Operations Executive,  Financial Services
  • "Now that I've taken the Diagnostic, I can't imagine conducting a job search without it!  It was very helpful."   Director, Marketing , Manufacturing Company
  • "Phenomenal!  It gave me the 'aha moment'....I had been completely ignoring an important area of my search."  Private Equity Executive
  • "For a job seeker, this is gold -- absolute gold!"   Career Coaching Professional

  • "This is a great tool…very comprehensive analysis.  Organized in a very logical manner.  Made me realize that my job search does not need to be random and chaotic."  Human Resources Director,  Consumer Products 

  • "The Diagnostic got me thinking about aspects of my search I had not even considered. It really opened my eyes."  Director, Customer Experience, Pharmaceutical